We have been serving the greater Vancouver region and beyond for over two decades.  Originally known for our signage, under the name Signvisions, we spun off to Brand and Ink, to better emphasize we do more than banners and store signs; we help companies promote and brand, face-to-face with their clients.

Less catalogs; more ideas.

A lot of promotional product companies operate out of the same catalog, and offer the same old products.  You need to know exactly what you want, and willing to hunt hard to get the best deal.  This is not how we become progressive.  Brand and Ink will work with you to find unique promotional and swag solutions to suit your unique business, with the same personable service that Signvisions is known for.  Even if you are not sure what you want, we’ll point you in the right direction.  Just contact us for a hassle-free consultation.



Hello, I’m Karim.

In the beginning, I was self-taught in the art of sign making.  Over the past 30 years, I have evolved into a veteran of the industry.  Working for many of Vancouver’s big name signage suppliers, completed thousands of jobs, and learned the value of communication and relationships in a such a crucial market.  After years of putting time in at the other companies, I started my own business so I could do work my own way: fair, fast, and with heart.

Over the years, as client relationships deepened into partnerships, I started fulfilling other needs, including branded apparel and promotional products.  Clients stuck with me time and time again because I treat them like family — looking out for their best interests.   When others say “no”, I find a way to make it a “yes”.  Whether it’s a unique print job or a time crunch, I do my best to make it happen.  for you.

Our relationship is a partnership.  I take the time to understand your business, and use my experience to translate your core values and goals into reality.  I love coming up with creative ideas for signage and promotions that is unique to your business.  It’s the challenge I enjoy most.  My goal to make your business look great.  And I always deliver.

Need to stand out? Get in touch with me here, and let’s talk.



danielleHello, I’m Danielle.

Sparked with a passion for design at any early age, I have been creating and building on brands for over a decade. Formal training was done thru BCIT and Emily Carr, but the growth as a designer builds with each and every job.  The fulfillment of providing clients (who I like to think of as friends) with digital communication brings a satisfaction that just never gets old.

Not only just a designer, I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible — although escaping the computer screen is hard at times.